Mokka check

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Usage:  ./mokka_check [-p] [-i] [-K] [-G] [-I FromID] [-l Location]
        [-L Library code] [-b badrecdir] [-O] [-M] [-H] [-h get location]
        [-g put location] [-v] [-A] opacdb
       -p      working in piped mode and don't stop at EOF
       -i      Generate Mokkaid from database
       -K      KC mode, don't change the ID & 852
       -G      Get location from the 949$l
       -I      Generate Mokkaid from NNNN
       -l      Library location [OSZK code]
       -L      put the <library code> into the 040 $a subfield
       -b      put the bad records into this directory
       -O      852 $a => 852 $a, 852 $b
       -M      Standard MARC21 mode, concat the 852$a & $b and put into the $b
       -H      Get location from the 852 $a
       -h      Get location from the 850 $a
       -g      Put this location to the 852 $b
       -v      Verbose mode, write out the messages
       -A      Drop authority records
       opacdb  The name of the Mokka database
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